We made a url shortener - kwn.me

posted by @Mikey on 03/06/2010 16:06

Check it out :) Shorten URL’s with kwn.me It’s like, two PHP files and a MySQL database which...

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IPB is a refreshing change.

posted by @Mikey on 11/05/2010 15:41

Recently, I bought an Invision Power Board License. To test with, more than anything, however, I a...

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Playing with Javascript; JQuery.

posted by @Mikey on 29/04/2010 22:30

What do all these languages have in common? Yep, thats right, they all make things shiny, and increase the usability of the simple, bori...

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Choosing a domain is really hard!

posted by @Mikey on 29/04/2010 22:00

So, this week I have been trying to choose a domain name, for an upcoming forum project, and boy oh boy, all the good ones were taken! :(...

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vBulletin Add Spinx Search...

posted by @Mikey on 28/04/2010 07:14

...and yet refuse to support it. What gives? They give some pretty

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STEAM release new client.. I kinda like it.

posted by @Mikey on 28/04/2010 01:03

Full Image [lightbox]

So, Steam ha...

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