posted by @Mikey on 27/04/2013 01:11

So I recently went to Ireland. Here are the pictures :)Edit: There was a gallery here but then I moved to a differ...

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Myths about Freelancers

posted by @Mikey on 02/12/2011 01:10

There are so many misconceptions about my line of work. Not the Web Development. The word 'Freelance' confuses many who don't understand...

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Hire Me? No, seriously.

posted by @Mikey on 21/11/2011 04:24

So, despite already having a job, I'm looking for a job within a field which is more relevant to my experience. My experience bein...

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Somebody stop me!

posted by @Mikey on 05/10/2011 06:58

Well. Oops! Just started yet another forum, lol. "Mikey, you don't have time for your current forums, l...

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10 (ish) Do's and Don'ts of Web Design/Development

posted by @Mikey on 02/04/2011 16:57

Just really something I've been noticing as I read tutorials for my new application I'm developing, the 10 (ish) things I see most (PHP)...

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Coding with Cake

posted by @Mikey on 16/02/2011 00:03

Note, to the usual user, this is a very boring entry. If you're not interested in coding, php or framewo...

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