Quickie: Creating an Application in IPS4

posted by @Mikey on 16/12/2014 10:32

I'm currently app developing for IPS4 in my spare time. IPS4 is the new version of the IP.Board forum software which I use from Invis...

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posted by @Mikey on 20/11/2014 13:30

The rails on the tracks mimic the heartbeat. The delays. The waiting. The changes. The tedium. The world passing by...

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kwn.me back online!

posted by @Mikey on 19/11/2014 10:29

So I had a day off yesterday and after around a month and a half of back and forth with the domain registry I finally had kwn.me back und...

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Try MPress today!

posted by @Mikey on 13/11/2014 04:50

MPress now has an in built installer so it's even easier to try it out for yourself! I've also added a new tagging system and upg...

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Goodbye, Autumn.

posted by @Mikey on 01/11/2014 21:07

Autumn is the season of the oranges and blacks.From the leaves falling from the trees to Halloween pumpkins. But soon,...

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We're back!

posted by @Mikey on 28/10/2014 23:31

As I frantically scoured my hard drive to find a backup of mikeylicio.us's database, pleading with the cyber gods that I hadn't i...

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