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New coat of paint

mikeylicio.us has a new coat of paint today! 

You may have noticed if you have visited the site before - the look has changed a bit.

mikeylicio.us has been running on my own custom CMS (MPress) for a while now, however since February 29th 2016 I have been working on a complete rewrite of MPress which I'm calling version 2.0. I have now put mikeylicio.us - my personal blog - on MPress 2.0. It's scary to think that I'm actually near to finishing an MVP of a two point oh project, within a year of starting it.

It's no small undertaking, rewriting a custom CMS from scratch. I use MPress as a base for several other custom projects, so maintaining backward compatibility as much as possible was imperitive, however with MPress 2.0 I also wanted other people to be able to use it if they so chose, so I have included things such as a web installer, themes, a WSIWYG editor, a menu manager and a plugin system. It now mirrors other popular CMS systems for functionality, and it's pretty cool. I'm very proud of it.

Every theme bundled with MPress 2.0 is from the super duper people over at HTML5Up, because all of their themes use a common HTML skeleton and CSS classes, meaning the same code structure is present no matter which theme. That...

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