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"Without touching a line of code!"

This phrase annoys me, and yet, it's everywhere. Most products and 'site builders' often include the phrase

Without touc...


I'm becoming more minimalist recently. I find myself with the increasing urge to purge things from my life.Let's take my bedroom for exam... 2016

(pictured: 2014-2016)So i...

Only 2 blog entries a year

Cos that's all you get. :)


It's 2015. Can you believe it?Well, it's February now, so a bit late for a 'Happy New Year', right? Getting quite close to my bir...

Quickie: Creating an AdminCP Dashboard Widget in IPS4

To create an AdminCP Dashboard Widget in IPS4 proved exceedingly simple. It takes two files, the php file for the widget and a template file to con...