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Life in the moment


It's 2pm as I dazedly phase back into conciousness. Naturally I didn't sleep til 5am last night, feel like shit. Realise I've got work in less than an hour and I have to pay rent today. Great. Hurriedly get ready and dash into the city to get shit done.

Get to work, which these days is as a griller / chef at a restaurant (taking a year out to go back to my roots, before back to programming), 15 minutes early. Shit, not enough time to eat my food before I start. Realise that I've got two 20 minute breaks today though, which is nice.

Start work, it's a hive of activity. Checks after checks. We're unexpectedly busy. False hope of getting a break an hour and a half after I start. Hopes dashed. Get my first break at around 8:30pm. Started at 4pm. No ones fault, nothing could be done. Feel like shit so I run to the shop to get cold/flu tablets, painkillers and orange juice. Three things I'm currently living off.

Get back and we're still in the weeds with checks out of our ears. Doing as best we can with the staff and equipment we've been provided. Get my second break and finally eat an hour and a half later, as we shut the doors at 10:30pm. Get back at around 11pm and start my close down. Gotta get everything clean and tidy. Hoping to be out for half past midnight cos I'm back in at 8:30am.

Half past midnight rolls around and I've still got around 45 minutes worth of cleaning left. Shit. I'm gonna be broken tomorrow. Bust some ass and finally get out of the building at around 1am - get home for around 1:30am. 

3:30am. Shit I'm so wired from the shift at work that I can't sleep. The thing about working in a restaurant kitchen is that the adrenaline is constantly flowing. You're often working more than one section on weeknights as there's only two of you and there's 4 sections. You're cut, burnt, bruised, broken. Adrenaline kicks in and gets you through. That and a copious amount of redbull (which I did not partake in today because I knew I needed to sleep.)

4am. Goddamn, I need to sleep.


9am. Get to work on barely 4 hours sleep. No coffee for me, gotta get the restaurant opened. Cover manager today who leaves me to my own devices. A blessing. I tell him what I'm doing for the morning cook, he's cool with it. I do all of the pre open checks and temps for him. Get my open done, open front of house for him as well. A curse. Adds time to my own open but oh well.

11:30am. We're due to open. Contractor comes in to fix the lights. Delays the open, jeez, we've been here since 9. Where were you then?

12pm. Second griller and front of house come in just in time for a rush. Nice to not have to run the floor as well as cook any more.

2pm. Breakfast time. Feeling a little rough now, adrenaline hasn't quite kicked in yet. Still on the OJ and pills, no caffiene as yet. Realizing this I eat my food and do a quick store run for everyone. Red Bull, Lucozades, Monsters. You know, usual supplies to keep us all going.

3pm. Still got a service to handle but we're now focussing on getting the place stocked up and the food ready for the evening shift while we do so. We're past the wall and the half way point, the energy drinks have kicked in and the blood is pumping.

4.30pm. Only 30 minutes to go and we've had a rush for the last 30 minutes. Busting our asses and running out of products consistently. Only the two of us so one of us has to go keep loading up the oven whilst the other cooks for the masses. 

4:55pm. Just as we're gearing up to go home, I'm told we're nearly out of something. Gotta do a mad dash down to the walk in and get it all into the oven. I wanna be out of here at 5pm.

5:30pm. Finally got everything done for the night crew to be able to function properly. Friday night is one of our busiest periods after all. First one in the building, last one of the day crew to leave. C'est la vie.

6pm. Back home finally, still wired from the shift. In a weird twilight zone where I know that I'm tired but I don't feel it yet. Waiting for it to kick in, wondering whether I should sleep or plan to do something with friends. I'm back in at midday tomorrow, so I have time.

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