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30 Day Challenges 2014 - Attempts Dashboard

On the current 30 Day Challenges site, you attempt a challenge and you are simply brought back to the challenge page, with no further information. 

With 30 Day Challenges 2014 I wanted to improve this workflow. So whereas right now you click "Attempt", confirm, and you've attempted the challenge, I felt that it may be neccessary to add a few more steps to make this process clearer. One more step, to be precise, and that's your Attempts Dashboard.

This "Attempts Dashboard" is unique per Challenge, and shows you interesting statistics as well as allowing you to track your progress. Please note that all designs represented in the images are subject to change.

Attempt Challenge: 

Attempt Confirmation: 

Attempts Dashboard: 

Of course, you can access the dashboard from any time by clicking the new "Attempted" button on the Challenge page: 

Let me know what you think! :)

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