Myths about Freelancers

@Mikey on 02/12/2011 01:10

There are so many misconceptions about my line of work. Not the Web Development. The word 'Freelance' confuses many who don't understand the concept, so I'm going to kill some myths for you:

It's difficult to contact them - Why? They have the internet. They have phones. We may get signal issues from time to time if we go through a tunnel but mobile problems are nothing a visit to or the Orange shop won't fix. And generally they do answer calls, unless genuinely busy. And even then they will call you back.

Freelancing is risky - Admittedly there is no guarantee of work but if you don't feel like you're getting enough business from freelancing, keep a hold of your full time job too, or downgrade to a part-time job and balance the two. Where there's a will there's a way.

A freelancer won't meet a deadline - Actually most are very professional and self motivated, so yes they do stick to deadlines. How would they make any money if they didn't?

Freelancers aren't reliable - Okay, so they don't necessarily get up at 6.30 in the morning to commute, but freelancers understand the concept of reliability. And freelancers can balance their workload to suit the best times for them. The work will get done. It doesn't matter when or where.

Freelancers results aren't to the same standard - Aren't they? Freelancers tend to become so once they have the skills and experience behind them that gives them the confidence to work on their own. Most spend money on bettering their skills. Otherwise the competition would trample them.

So don't write a freelancer off based on misconceptions. If they weren't good at what they did, they wouldn't have a business. Freelancer doesn't mean 'slacker.'

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