Windows Update Factory Reset my Laptop! :(

@Mikey on 24/06/2010 15:50

So, I go to sleep, leaving my LOST playlist on, fell asleep after a few episodes. I wake up and it's had an Automatic Windows Update. I log in (I dunno how it saved my login password if everything is reset.. weird)..

Immediately I notice something is wrong, as the vista "Welcome Screen" and Sidebar popped up immediately, I then noticed my wallpaper was the one which came with the laptop (A HP One)..

I load Opera, which is still installled, and all my bookmarks and passwords are gone, so I go to my backup list, and every dir (like Pictures, Music, Documents etc) in my C:/Users/Mikey file is empty..

I'm really up shit creek without a paddle now, every program is acting as if I've only just installed it, including IRC and such. So, no bookmarks, no settings, and some things aren't even installed anymore, such as Dropbox and Google Chrome..

So I tried to do a System Restore to yesterday, it just brings me back to the same point, factory reset. This is bollocks, it gives me a popup saying my user account isnt loaded and that I'm on a temporary one, so is my data safe then? No. I realised that programs are installed for ALL users, not just one, so Dropbox and Google Chrome SHOULD STILL BE INSTALLED. Well they're not.

I think the only thing to do now is to install clean Windows 7 and re start EVERYTHING.

Fucking annoying.

Update: An update to this, I upgraded to Windows 7 (choosing the upgrade option in the setup) and presto, after like, 4 hours of upgrade process my files, settings and user profile are back, I'm glad it's back, disappointed that it happened in the first place.

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