Why do we continue?

@Mikey on 29/12/2009 16:42

Alot of things in this world are unkind and have negative effects on the average human, so I ask, why do we continue? Some don’t, some end it while they still can, yet others keep trundling onwards and upwards. Every human on this planet knows that death will come to them, so why do they continue? As it is, it does seem that everything that they do is futile, they won’t be remembered for it, they won’t be praised for it ’til long after they are gone.

I have come to a conclusion, it is for this reason that we have selfish people on this earth, as they realise this fact, that anything they do is futile, and so they do everything for themselves, whether it is to make themselves more comfortable, or simply the betterment of themselves.

This is also the reason we have stupid and insane people on this earth, the people who walk door to door trying to shove thier belief down others throats, these people are so scared of the inevitable that they mutter words into the air, and hope for a salvation which is never forthcoming and believe and celebrate in traditions thousands of years old.

And then of course, you have the genious, the musician, the scientist, the scholar, the artist, these people are the people on this earth who have had to come to terms with thier fate and have accepted it, and decided to make themselves great.

The question is, which are you, and why do we continue?

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