We're back!

@Mikey on 28/10/2014 23:31

As I frantically scoured my hard drive to find a backup of mikeylicio.us's database, pleading with the cyber gods that I hadn't indeed lost over 6 years of history on this site, I got to thinking. Maybe a fresh start isn't too bad. Which, I suppose, is a good attitude to take as I cannot for the life of me find a backup of mikeylicio.us at all.

So what's happening with me. I lost internet as I was moving house, which led to me not seeing my server bill email, which led to them cancelling my server for nonpayment and mass deletion of my data. As soon as I got internet back I've left my old hosting company (LeaseWeb) and I'm now with RamNode, and I've made the investment of paying 6 months in advance so that this can't happen again any time soon.

I have no backups which are recent. My main web forum - Off Topic Hut, is back up on a database from September, and my gaming forum - Mature-Gamers, is back running on a database from January. Pretty sorry situation all around.

So I'm going to set up automatic backups and server monitoring solutions. I'm going to try and use this as a learning opportunity and grow from it, rather than dwell on it.

Hope to be back to regularly scheduled programming soon.

Oh, BTW, if you like the software this site runs, you can get it for yourself here: https://github.com/MadMikeyB/MPress/commits/master?author=MadMikeyB

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