We made a url shortener - kwn.me

@Mikey on 03/06/2010 16:06

Check it out :)

Shorten URL’s with kwn.me

It’s like, two PHP files and a MySQL database which make it work, the rest is image files and prettification, my friend Christopher helped out with the PHP, I’m gonna be cleaning the HTML up at one point, as well as maybe adding some ajax stuff, who knows. I’m not gonna put a logo there right now as it’s not really worth it, the whole point of a url shortener is that it’s clean and simple.

We may post up a HowTo of how we did it on The Geek District, if we get a chance, dont expect the exact code in use to turn up though :p

I’m aware there are bugs, you can see the current todo list here; Todo | Shorten URL’s with kwn.me

Feel free to use it and if you guys have any feature suggestions feel free to suggest em here! ;)

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