We did it! 50k hits in 4 months!

@Mikey on 23/01/2011 00:32

It was only a few months back that I started thinking of HTML5. I realised the if I was to be serious about using it, I needed a base to work from, and so came mikeylicio.us/html5 - a simple framework for myself to work from.

After seeing this, someone mentioned to me that it would be awesome if they could "pick and choose" options, it would be awesome. So I set about doing just that, and SwitchToHTML5 was born.

In the four months since it's inception, switchtohtml5 has been tweeted by SmashingMagazine (if you're reading, thanks, I love you guys :) ), reviewed by makeuseof.com (thanks to you guys too) and many other sites too numerous to mention, but I google the sites name often, and I notice each and every one of you.

I tweeted in early January that I aimed to get 50k hits by the end of January, , and you haven't disappointed me. So a big thank you to everyone who has used the site, tweeted, retweeted, emailed and anything else.

Figured I'd just say.

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