Wanted: ElePHPant

@Mikey on 11/01/2010 09:56

So, I have coding troubles from time to time, in the fact that I don't know what to code! I have heard of this legenday ElePHPant, and it's magical abilities:

The elephpant fulfills several goals : • It is fun, blue, cozy and furry. What else? • The elephpant is definitely friendly and welcoming, just like the PHP community in general. It will be a flagship for many gathering. • It will tremple stand on top of any Linux penguin during IT conferences around the world, as it is well known that Linux supports PHP very well. Numerous groups are looking for a way to attract attention during the shows, and the big version will be perfect eye-catcher. • It already suppports a number of books and jokes • It will be an ice braker for many people, within the community, the IT world and in the world in general.
Yet, I'll have a word of caution : don't kid yourself, this is not a toy! This is first and foremost a special partner for every PHP coder. Trouble with sessions? a bug in a class? a crashed method? Don't worry! Just tell your elePHPant the problem, and he will give your the solution (and if the solution is not worth it, you may also throw him on the walls. And with the elePHPant with you, at home or at large, you'll be stealing the show!

and I want one! :( Everywhere I look they're out of stock, anyone got any links for me? :o

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