vBulletin Add Spinx Search...

@Mikey on 28/04/2010 07:14

...and yet refuse to support it. What gives? They give some pretty detailed instructions , and even say that they'll add a forum to vBulletin.org - the third party vBulletin site which supports unofficial modifications to the default vBulletin code.

What also irked me is that Internet Brands have used the vBulletin.com Announcements forum, basically, as a release thread for this unsupported product, why didn't they just release it on vBulletin.org in the relevant section, like they have done in the past?

I don't want to make this seem like a vBulletin hate post, they have been doing a lot right lately, I just dont like how they've done this. vBulletin.org has always been the place to release mods, vBulletin.com has always been the place to receive official support.

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