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@Mikey on 29/01/2010 21:40

Today I undertook a task. A task of some magnitude, as I haven't done it ever before. I upgraded one of my (semi) popular vBulletin 3 hacks to vBulletin 4. I did tweet on my progress, but it was not an easy task. I feel like I've relearnt the alphabet, and I am still of the opinion that vBulletin 4 seems backwards.

I am not currently using vBulletin 4 on any live site, so I did this all on my localhost setup, which is why I only have screenies, and no demo for you.

First off, I took the 3.8 version and imported it into vB4. This gave me internal server errors, so I headed over to the vB4 articles section on vBulletin.org and looked through some articles.

After I'd figured out the internal server error problem, (My radio.php wasn't in the new format) I ended up with this (click images to get full view):

So, I investigated futher, and found out that the $vboptions[param] was deprecated, and instead I had to use {vb:raw vboptions.param}, so I labouriously went through my templates, and changed them one by one, which I wasn't that happy about - Anyway, after that, we're looking at this:

...Finally, some progress, right? So now, I can see the stuff I define in the acp on the page, which is great, but you may notice "$error" hanging down there. That's there because a] I haven't changed any conditionals to <vb:if> and b] because the $error variable needs defining in a whole new way now.

So I go through the mod again, changing the conditionals to <vb:if> and <else:if> and now we're ending up with a poorly styled, but at least it's working mod.

So, now to style it. That above screenshot is using table tags, which vB4 apparently doesn't like, or I was using the wrong class, or something, so I have to rewrite the table as a div, which is pretty easy to do, and now we have this;

Now my mod is styled, and looking vaguely similar to the 3.8 version, it's time to make the plugins for the who's online status, and navtab. I headed back to the vB4 Articles Section on vBulletin.org and found an article posted by Lynne, I adapted the code she posted, and hey presto, a working navtab, and who's online locations!

Et voila! Finished product;

You can download that here; http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=234495

Overall the experience was LONG. It took way too long to upgrade such a simple mod, and I feel sorry for those who have massive mods to upgrade, heh.

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