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So, the other day after playing with my HTML5 Template, and posting about it I got to thinking, what if someone doesnt want to have a navigation area, the <nav> tag wouldnt be needed.. same as if you didn't need a sidebar, or any unrelated content, the <aside> section of my template would need removing.

That wasnt my goal at all when I made the template, I wanted something I could easily pick up and go, bam, I have the framework and now I can input my content.

That's where SwitchToHTML5 sprung up from, a concept in my head for the last few days, now a reality, I've spent a long few hours getting my brain around what tags (elements) should be used in which way, and how they shouldnt be used, what is optional in HTML5, but used to be a requirement of XHTML/HTML4 - getting my head around most of the changes, I've read up on a few of the great HTML5 sites such as 'HTML5Doctor' and 'Dive into HTML5', as well as the official w3 documentation too, and then a few more hours have been put into coding the site; and the end result is something which works, is quite pleasing to the eye, and provides an 'Instant Framework' so you can effectively choose which elements you need, what options you want, and hit go, and "SwitchToHTML5".

If you have a framework, all that is left is the content you need, and that's not something which I can do for you :p. Right now the generator php file is coded and functional, I did have it in my head to attempt a converter php file, however that would be nigh on impossible due to the way that we'd have to get PHP to recognise which div should be made which corresponding HTML5 tag, I do know that it's way out of my spectrum of knowledge anyway ;) Also something which I think would be possible for me to do would be a css php file, which generates CSS for your document, but again, it would rely heavily on user input, unlike the generator php for the main site.

You can find the site, in a very .. beta phase at SwitchToHTML5.com - any bugs and such are probably me tinkering with the script, and if they are layout problems, I consider them minor, but probably know about them.

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