Social Media - Downfall of the 'social' web?

@Mikey on 06/11/2010 10:35

Most people are on the social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Reddit, etc, and so these make up some of the 'top' social sites on the web today.

My question is, are these sites killing the 'social web'? By this I mean, Forums, Blogs, etc. I say that Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc, are the downfall of these other sites because of the nature of the social networking services.

For instance, you tweet, you get replies, that's the nature of twitter. However, if you tweet an interesting blog article, I have found that people reply to me, instead of actually commenting on the blog article. Sure, that's traffic to those sites, which is awesome if all the site owner cares about is impressions for their Adsense, however if the site owner is genuinely looking for user interaction, feedback, then Twitter is robbing that from them, because instead of getting comments on their blog, they simply get @ replies on twitter.

The same is true for Facebook, Digg and Reddit, if you post a link, people simply comment on the social media site, instead of the site which is actually being linked, and because those interesting sites are getting traffic, but not any comments (or posts in the case of forums) real genuine people (not simply people who are interested in ad income alone) are starting less and less of them.

While the Social Media sites are immensely fun to browse, sort of a 'link repository' of all the interesting things in one place, I do think that they are also affecting the web in ways they never intended..

So, is Social Media the Downfall of the 'social' web?

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