Scientists wants to reclassify cannabis… again!

@Mikey on 02/11/2009 23:16

Cannabis - Class B, Class C, Declassification, Reclassification, make up your damn minds!!

UK scientists, from what I can gather from the brief 5 mins of news coverage there was about it, want to reclassify weed as Class C again. That's moving it down a class from B, which it is at now.

Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, skunk and more commonly known as weed, was reclassified and bumped up to Class B back in January of 2009, after it had been Class C since 2001, at the assertion of the then Home Secretary, David Blunket (a user, maybe? :p). Fortunately his views coincided with scientists at the time and it was then made Class C.

I'm not too familiar with why it was bumped back up earlier this year, though it's probably so they can lock more people up for longer ;)

The point of this blog thing is that I think it's ridiculous that they now want to bump it back down, for the reason of "It's as, or less harmful than Alcohol and Cigarettes". This then begs the question, in my mind, why is it not legalised? I mean, it's a logical question, when you compare it to two legal drugs, and say it could be LESS harmful.. Or better yet, why are alcohol and cigarettes still legal? Up, Down, Up, Down, shake it all around. Do the hokey pokey and you turn around, however, this is government, not pre-school, you can't really do that, and expect to keep your job. (Unless you're Sov.) I don't use weed, I just heard this, and thought, "surely they have better things to waste thier time with?".

Oh, apparently someone must have asked this question in government, cos now there's a massive row over it, apparently.

Food for thought, eh?

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