Quickie: Creating an Application in IPS4

@Mikey on 16/12/2014 10:32

I'm currently app developing for IPS4 in my spare time. IPS4 is the new version of the IP.Board forum software which I use from Invision Power Services. I have a few apps which are on IPB3 which need updating for my clients. For my own benefit as well as others, I'll be posting quick tutorials on how to do basic things which I have currently discovered in IPS4. As I said, mainly for my own benefit so I don't forget. I'll be tagging each post with IPS4, so if you need, you can view them all here: mikeylicio.us/tag/ips4


Creating an Application

  1. Enable Developer Mode (linky)
  2. Go to ACP > Applications > Create New
  3. Fill out the form with the App Details, etc. (screen)
  4. Once the app has been created, go to the Developer Center (screen)
  5. From the Developer Center, we can continue on with our Application Creation, from the ACP and Front End.
  6. Optional: If you're upgrading a legacy application which already has a table schema, go to the Database Schema tab of the Developer Center (screen) and use the Import from Database tab (screen)

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