Playing with HTML5

@Mikey on 20/09/2010 06:40

In the last weeks I've been using, and indeed playing with HTML5 more and more, although I've not gotten into the <canvas> element or anything 'exotic' like that yet, I have been using it on sites such as and also in general everyday html layouts. I've also noticed that my friends are using it more and more also, in sites such as I see that HTML5 has also made it's way into forum software and that, in fact, HTML5 is making it's way into every modern web application, it's the "Next Big Thing".

Sites such as Dive Into HTML5 have been around for a while, but while they provide a complete comprehensive guide to HTML5 and it's uses, I decided I needed a quicker way to create a framework for HTML5, so I created a starting template.. thing. Something I can just copy into gedit, or notepad++ (depending on whatever OS I'm on at the time), and work from there.

I've made the template web-accessible and you can find it here; That also has a basic CSS structure and some handy reference links, feel free to bookmark it! Future plans include something like checkboxes to include or exclude tags, but thats for then

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