STEAM release new client.. I kinda like it.

@Mikey on 28/04/2010 01:03

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So, Steam has released a new client, I kinda like it.. it's clean, does the job, etc. I especially like the way the new games library is laid out, with all the games on the left side, and important links on the right, keeps everything clean and uncluttered, whilst adding some eye candy, with a backdrop of the game you've selected, so if you select Team Fortress 2, its gonna have a backdrop of Team Fortress 2 gameplay.

Although the new store layout leaves alot to be desired, it seems to be alot more secure than before, as now when you hit cart to buy something, you have to reauthenticate, whereas before, you didn't have to, I also like how they have ditched the army green colours, it wasn't very appealing or eyecatching at all.

The new community tab is also great, it no longer looks like IE embedded in an application like it did before, with the URL bar being stylishly integrated into the clients header. The Library has also some new options to display as a grid, or list too. [Gameslist] | [Gamespics] The Library's 'downloads' tab is also new to me, it looks nice, tells you how much is being downloaded and uploaded by updates, or by games being installed, I thought that was nice and handy too.

Upsides; nice, new, clean etc. Downsides; store leaves a lot to be desired, takes a little longer to load

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