Mikeylicious gets a new look :)

@Mikey on 04/06/2010 00:10

So, today, I bought a years sub to Elegant Themes which have some very nice wordpress themes.
I decided I'd give Mikeylicio.us a new look, so even if I don't blog very often, you'll still have something nice to look at. This theme is "Minimal" from Elegant Themes.
My old site skin was one I found on Smashing Magazine which, while it was nice, it was very limited and in use by masses of other websites. I like this skin as it is nicer, cleaner, different, and it has the benefits of a paid theme, such as the ability to turn a dark version of the site on and off, for when I have a headache.
All in all, I'm quite happy, but I'll let you guys decide for yourselves :p

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New Skin | Old Skin

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