New Horizons!

@Mikey on 22/01/2010 23:16

This year I'm moving more and more away from my old habits, such as coding with HTML, CSS and such, and also Skinning for vBulletin.

Instead I'm moving onto more complex projects, such as attempting to build my own cms like system using PHP, though I say CMS hesitantly, as it can only do what my knowledge of PHP limits me to do. I am able to use variables, includes, echos and all that jazz, but I am still struggling with ReGEX and other more obscure pieces of data.

I am also using this year to improve my msL (mIRC Scripting Language), which some would argue isn't a useful language, however I have used it for my Desu Script and it serves me better than most eggdrops (save the ones on vbirc :P ), This brings me onto the subject of IRC, which I am proud to say I now officially support vBIRC (vBulletin IRC, used on, and many other websites..)

How, I hear you ask? I am now the owner of irc:// which is an IRCD server, linked into the network. Come chat with us sometime, hehe, so today, I've been playing with vB.NET and messed about, I managed to make a mini IRC client using mibbit. I was proud ;)

Well, anyway, I've typed more than usual in this blog post, but I'll leave you with this.

If a time machine is developed in the future, why should I learn these annoying languages such as vB.NET when my future self, which can travel in time, can come back, and do it for me :D

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