Looking back, my 2010

@Mikey on 29/12/2010 02:09

You know, at the beginning of 2010, the first few seconds of this year I was at a New Years Eve party, and the chant from all the drunken people there was "Twenty Ten, we start again". Looking back over at 2010 in review, what I personally have done, I don't think that I've achieved just that, but I don't think I would've been happy had I "started again" anyhow.

I've learnt so much coding wise this year, made existing friendships stronger, and made brand new friends. Failed college again, made lots of websites, had a lot of happy clients.

What exactly did I do on the web in 2010?

Some epic partnerships: We made kwn.me, we made baa.nu (still for sale btw, send me a mail), we became experts in everything 'short' ;). We found out about XenForo via their facebook page and we started and prepared XenFans to do what it has continually been doing, outperforming the rest. We worked on the framework which powers failpic.info, as well as a lot of other coding help questions and answers via our numerous caturday skype calls (mainly me asking for help, Floris and Chris helping)

I made SocialSig.me which most people on XenForo.com liked, I made SwitchToHTML5.com which has been open around 2 months and has had 25k+ visitors in that time. I found reddit and submitted countless wallpapers via i.mikeylicio.us. Then when I could no longer afford the cost of that site to me financially and via server resources, I closed it and released the torrent. I've started NUMEROUS forums, including The Geek District, Inception Forums (sold), Off Topic Hut, and more. The Rogue Forums, a place which I used to spend alot of time at was sold to wetalk. The wetalk.network was converted over to XenForo. vBulletin fucked up (more) big time with vB4, and more.

You're still here? I'm surprised, I waffled on a lot. Here's a video:

Anyway, I just wanted to visit and sum up some of the things I did in 2010, a sort of recap on events. I started this blog late november 2009, but I have used it the most (so far) in 2010. Hopefully I'll use it more in 2011, and I wish any and all my readers a safe and happy new year.

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