back online!

@Mikey on 19/11/2014 10:29

So I had a day off yesterday and after around a month and a half of back and forth with the domain registry I finally had back under my control.

So, I figured that I'd write a PHP framework. I know the basic MVC principles, but after around 9 months of coding in nothing but Laravel (which btw, I'd recommend to anyone) I figured that I'd do a quick Google search on how to begin an MVC framework from scratch. I came across a series of great YouTube videos from the guys at phpacademy which covered all of the basics.

This got me back into the mindset of MVC and PHP in general. I've also utilized Composer to great effect to take care of my autoloading efforts and to install great things such as Eloquent (The ORM behind Laravel and it's so great), and Whoops (the pretty page error handler), and I went from <?php to in around a day (18 hours or so). Of course I'm much more open source oriented these days so everything from the framework and the live site is available on github if you want to check it out. Otherwise please feel free to check out the site in action:

A note, it was originally suspended for spam so I still need to implement anti spam features such as a URL blacklist and CAPTCHA for certain top level domains,  but that's for my next day off :D

Hope you enjoy!

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