Jesus Can't Save you, Life Begins when the Church Ends!

@Mikey on 20/11/2009 21:41

Seeing as I'm without internet access to blog, I figure I should pretty much write a blog anyway, and then put it online when I get access to a comp with internet(yay), though then technically it wouldn't be a blog, as blog stands for "web log", and seeing I'm without the "web", this is basically just a "log". :(

OOH, Did I mention? I've been cut off from the internet. So boring without it, I'm missing IRC and my sites so much! Stupid phone company.. D: Whatever did people do without internet, I mean, come on, there is only so many times one can watch a season of house.. Well, probably not, I could watch house forever, lets see, hmm, rephrase time! "There is only so many times one can listen to the UK top 40 (which contains miley cyrus headshot)".

I know, I know, it's only been 2 days so far, but still, I MISS MY SITES!!!!!! I got so bored I rearranged my room, and I'm actually comtemplating.. going out shock horror.

Oh, right, the title, yeah, Lyrics from the current song I'm listening to (Jay Z - Empire State of Mind).

Oh god, I ran out of things to moan about.

Brb, finding moar

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