Internet Brands Sue XenForo

@Mikey on 04/10/2010 17:34

This suit doesnt bode well for XenForo, the timing is a disaster for the company and as Internet Brands have , however, I do have a few questions on the wording of IB's Announcement:

The suit is simple: we claim that Kier, Mike, and Ashley have infringed and violated contracts they signed with us to gain unfair business advantage. As such, Xenforo’s software unfairly stands on the shoulders of more than a decade of development by Jelsoft. Internet Brands owns this intellectual property.
So, Internet Brands own Kier, Mike and Ashleys knowledge, and any knowledge that they gained whilst in the employ of Jelsoft? Such as, what Steves wife's name is, or why wearing shoes is bad, m'kay? Also, details like this in the opening post of the IB announcement are just not needed and are added in there as insult to injury.
Kier was paid a handsome bonus when Internet Brands bought the business, although no such payment was required.
The below line shows that even if they lose the copyright suit they'll come back with something else.
We have numerous other claims against Xenforo that we believe are equally strong.
It looks to become a very messy drawn out process, of course, pending XenForo still goes on sale at around 10am tomorrow the 5th October 2010, I'll still be buying a license, even if it is just to play with. All said and done, I think that this can damage Internet Brands more than it will XenForo

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