Changing the URL Shortener to on IP.Board

@Mikey on 01/11/2010 18:13

By Default, IP.Board uses as the default URL Shortener, now, this means when you make a status longer than 140 characters and select to tweet it, IP.Board adds a shortened URL linking to the full status to the end of the tweet. It uses by default to do this.

The same is true for the inbuilt "Share links" function in IP.Board, which lets you send a'synopsis' or title of the thread to a bunch of social networks, twitter and facebook included, by default this ALSO uses

Now, I may be biased, having been responsible for my own shortening service with a great group of friends who help me code it (and mostly do more than me, better than I ever could) every step of the way, and a great bunch of TweetDeck users who I also consider friends who use the service, we're all extremely proud of our little site, so I wanted to, instead of using on my IP.Board powered communities, to use my own service,

I figured that those of you who already use with TweetDeck might also be interested in using it with your IP.Board installation, so here is how.

  1. Download the IPB API files here (thanks to Alan for helping with this part originally)
  2. Unpack and Upload the "kwnme" folder into /admin/sources/classes/url/apis/
  3. Edit /admin/sources/classes/twitter/connect.php
  4. Find:
    $data      = $shorten->shorten( $url, 'bitly' );
    (line 218) and replace with
    $data      = $shorten->shorten( $url, 'kwnme' );
  5. Edit /admin/sources/classes/facebook/connect.php
  6. Find:
    $data      = $shorten->shorten( $url, 'bitly' );
    (line 439) and replace with
    $data      = $shorten->shorten( $url, 'kwnme' );

That's it, it should work as normal, except using as the default shortener, rather than

Let me know in the comments if there are any problems :)

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