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@Mikey on 16/02/2011 00:03

Note, to the usual user, this is a very boring entry. If you're not interested in coding, php or frameworks I suggest you close the tab now.

So.. I've been researching PHP frameworks and such, as everyone says I should use one and that they would never dream of coding a whole web-application with bare-bones procedural PHP.. I looked into symfony - too complex, I looked into Zend, and didn't really like it, and finally settled on CakePHP.

It's light hearted attitude to itself and programming with it is exactly what I need, and that's exactly what I enjoy most about Cake. After reading the Cake Cookbook I really feel I know most of what Cake has to offer, and I had a fully fledged registration and login system done within an hour, it was great.

I'm using Cake to develop a new site idea of mine, which I'll probably blog about later, however one of the few things which I find to be a love/hate thing with Cake is the rigidness. You can't possibly have a table for users that isn't named users! The way the framework forces you to use certain naming conventions, and disallows certain names annoys me, but it's also the thing which makes it easiest to debug.. Most of it can be battled by overrides in the controllers though, so it's not that big a deal once you're no longer a newbie (like I am). So like I said, love/hate thing.

Of course, this is my first foray into Object Oriented Programming, and Cake eased me into the MVC (Model View Controller), which some apps that I use and want to code for also use (read: XenForo), quite nicely, I kinda understand the basics behind the MVC now, but I'm still having to stop myself from using Procedural PHP every now and again.

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