Harry Brown - Review

@Mikey on 08/12/2009 15:48

With quirky lines from ice cool caine throughout the film, and real emotion purveyed, Harry Brown is a must see.

Following the story of the Ex-Marine, Harry Brown is about oppression, and suffering, and addresses some very real issues which can be found on any british streets. When Harry's friend, Leonard is murdered by the local youths on the estate, Harry reopens old wounds, reawakening his Marine training. When the local police cannot do anything due to lack of evidence, Harry takes matters into his own hands, diving into the deep, dark, and dirty world of drug dealers, prostitution, and youth street crime, and dealing with it in the only way he knows how. The way he perceives to be 'right'.

This film is truly gritty, and morally outrageous, but it's still an awesome, awesome watch. 5 stars!

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