Hire Me? No, seriously.

@Mikey on 21/11/2011 04:24

So, despite already having a job, I'm looking for a job within a field which is more relevant to my experience.

My experience being that of a PHP developer (mainly using the CakePHP framework) and a forum software enthusiast (I've even written my own forum software for kicks). Personally I think that I'd fit perfectly into a support team role, or even a software development job. Those are the types of jobs I'm looking for. I'd also make a semi-competent server-guy person, as I'm pretty familiar with ubuntu and debian-based linux distro's as I have administrated several of my own servers only from the command line.

If you need examples of my work you need look no further than this very site. My websites are all listed here, and my code is available for all to look at here. Can't get much better than that.

Anyway. Thought I'd throw that out there. If you are hiring, or even if you know of anyone who's hiring and want to do your good deed for the month, drop me a line. ;)

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