Future of Forums?

@Mikey on 24/07/2010 15:17

Well, more like my own future with forums. At the time of writing I probably have (outside of my own forums) 7 forums (and I'm counting the wetalk.network as one forum on that list :p) which I regularly visit, out of these, around 5 are to do with administration of forums, or a forum where I visit to sell services/products.
This leaves me doubtful of my own future in the forum industry, as an admin or member. I currently own 3 forums, 2 vBulletin and 1 Invision Power Board powered. I only actively admin one vBulletin site and the IP.Board site is The Geek District which is one which I enjoy running.

Due to my dwindling list of Forums, it makes me wonder what it is which is causing the lack of usage nowadays - I have also noticed that it's not just me who has problems committing to a forum and posting there daily, I've noticed an increase in the amount of people using Twitter to communicate with me (based on my follower count and the seemingly unknown people who tweet at me) and a steady decrease in people using Facebook. (this may be due to my Facebook privacy settings.)
Could it be that Twitter is killing the forum goers? I've also noticed a decline in new non-automated postings on the blogs I visit (btw, check out the awesome 'friend blogs' in my sidebar), maybe Twitter is to blame here too? People are used to expressing themselves now in 140 characters or less, and I posit that people have become lazy in their internet postings.

While some may seem happy cough@Mikouencough to see this blog post, it makes me wonder what the future has in store for me, what will keep me interested in forums, and if I'll start another. It'll probably be some interesting development in one of the Forum Softwares which rekindles my interest, but until then, I'm joining less and less sites, and dropping activity on the others.

Of course, it could just be the increase in my vBulletin Services work which is leaving me with less and less time for forums, only time will tell I suppose, and I bet I'll always have a place in my life for forums :)

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