Eugh. Saving is hard :(

@Mikey on 24/02/2010 20:10

So, I'm trying to save for a new computer, as I've been using the lappy for about a year since my desktop computer blew up back then. I really miss having a desktop computer, so I decided to save some of my money..

A good premise on the face of it, but for one small problem; It's really hard. For example, you see something you like in the shops, you want it. Now usually I'd go get it, but now I have to think; "No, you're saving.."

Well, I know all will be good in the end, and I've saved about £105($160), and I'll go get a computer when I've got about £130($200) as I just need something to build upon, I have alot of the parts here... BUT I REALLY WANTED THAT SAUSAGE ROLL.

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