@Mikey on 01/11/2009 19:15

Dropbox is a file hosting service, which is 100% free, and easier than most file hosts, as it's installed on your computer itself, so it's a drag and drop thingy. Quick and easy ;)

You start off with 2GB FREE space, and when you sign up with my referral link, (the one below) you get 250MB EXTRA space, and it's all free, it also gets ME 250MB extra space (which I kinda need ;) ). To put it in perspective, I've been using this actively for six months and I've only just come near to running out of space..

It's like an image hosting service, cept you just drag n drop the files into a folder on your computer, and then right click them for a link to the internet which other people can click and see. It's epic, basically, and free.

The following screenshots are of my dropbox account, and guess what, they're hosted on dropbox! (to show hyperlinking and hotlinking works)

Click the images to get a full view!

Click this link to sign up to Dropbox.

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