Dear Bloggity

@Mikey on 07/03/2010 18:57

Dear Bloggity,

I am sorry for the neglect you have seen in the recent weeks, I just have been busy with other things. I felt guilty and had a spare minute, so I thought it only fair to bring you up to speed on my life these past few weeks.

Well firstly, it appears that one of my closest online friends has removed himself from this world, so I was pretty shocked and stunned by that, and am still maintaining a 'respectful disbelief', hoping that he'll just pop up online one day, but yeah, that's left me, and my site pretty shaken up, I used to talk to him alot, so online life just seems duller now.

I've also acquired yet another vBulletin license, which myself and a partner (AzH) are using on an upcoming project, I'll probably blog about that when it's ready.

I've also discovered the joys of Forum Promotion Forums, and as a sort of test, I set up y-helo-thar on MyBB and have been promoting it on a site called "Forum Promotion", as that site is the only place I'm actively advertising YHT, I think it will provide interesting results as to whether these "Forum Promotion" forums actually WORK or not. Since going live with the "Promotion experiment" here are the stats. Now, some will say that blogging about the experiment will tarnish the results, but that is a poor argument, as I get few readers on here, so the risk is SMALL.

Aside from that, I've been updating my vBulletin Skins over to vBulletin 4, as well as acquiring an interesting vBulletin domain name which I may put to use in future, and playing with the MyBB Modding and Templating system, so you may see some of those from me yet ;)

That's all for now, Bloggity, I'll keep you posted on the experiment and other such nonsense I do to keep myself occupied..

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