ClassicPro and Winamp

@Mikey on 01/11/2009 18:32

ClassicPro is a plugin for winamp.. it's quite good.. if offers lots of features, like a browser, and such.. though these aren't avaliable on some skins. It also has a very wide range of skins..

I use a skin called Ebonite and it allows you to change color and stuff with a colour changer etc, which is pretty good.. Click the images to see larger versions How I have it normally: ClassicPro

A few seconds later on the colour changer:

classicpro colorchanger

You can also do things like use twitter from your winamp, to tell people what you're listening to:

classicpro tweet

Or facebook and Myspace:

cpro myspace facebook

It's for winamp, you can get winamp here

Get classicpro here

Get the "Ebonite" skin in my screenies from here

more classicpro skins at deviantart here

if you wanna learn to make cpro skins.. a good thing I found was here; ClassicPro Template Pack

ClassicPro Template Manual

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