Choosing a domain is really hard!

@Mikey on 29/04/2010 22:00

So, this week I have been trying to choose a domain name, for an upcoming forum project, and boy oh boy, all the good ones were taken! :( You think of a semi decent one, BAM it's taken. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that it is frustrating.

I use Namecheap as a domain registration company, and so I tried thier keyword domain tool, and still nothing, virtually every good domain is registered, so I started thinking of names which actually spelled out words, you know, like this blogs name, Mikeylicious.. - even then, the domains were either taken, or $100+, which is absurd imo.

The weird thing about domains is that just last week I managed to bag and, which, imo are pretty good domains (specially when you consider that there are already successful businesses on domains such as and etc) .. so I guess it just depends on your niche, for how easy or hard it is? I could've probably gone for a domain with a dash in it, like Brandon Sheley did with his domain, however I wasn't prepared to put up with the hyphen, I like relatively short, and to the point domains, and that is what I think I got :)

After about an hour of searching I started looking for obvious domains and they were also taken, so I googled my subject matter, tried some more, try, try, and try again is the moral of this story I think. Anyway I eventually got a semi decent one for my upcoming forum project :) It's kinda abstract, but I like it, it kinda means a community, so hopefully it's easy to remember. :p

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