@Mikey on 06/12/2009 00:02

Don't you just hate them? I mean, I do. It's fucking annoying when you get used to something, and it changes! I basically open this blog admin panel up, and "WordPress 2.8.6 is avaliable", nice to know, now fuck off.. It's things like this, forcing you to change all the time which really gets on my nerves.

I'm probably just hating change for the hell of hating it, but eh, I like routine, etc. It's kinda important to me, If I have a routine of Breakfast: beer, Dinner: Soup Tea: Sunday roast (No, this isn't my dietary pattern, it's merely an example), I'd be a little lost if we ran out of soup, for example (mmm, soup)..

Seeing as I have no idea why I'm writing this, I'mma sum up this week for y'all, in good ol' cruise control for the cool: PEOPLE MOVING OUT, INTERNET COMING BACK, INTERNET GOING AGAIN, PEOPLE MOVING BACK IN FOR A NIGHT, PEOPLE MOVING BACK OUT, NEW JOB, STAY UP ALL DAY, TIRED, BED.

Yeah. :p

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