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@Mikey on 21/02/2010 21:47

Recently I've had the misfortune of experiencing Google's new social networking service, their answer to Twitter and Facebook. However, whilst those two services have some shred of usefulness, so that I occasionally use them, Google's "Buzz" does not. It sits there in my Gmail, racking up unread "Buzz"'s, which, if you're like me is annoying, and you have to click on there just to get rid of the unread count. I wanted to get rid of it, it slowed my Gmail down, which is something I hate, as I prefer Gmail because of it's simplistic unbloated attitude..

So, here's what I did, thanks to a CNET article

I found out that you go to the bottom of Gmail and hit the disable button.

Google Mail view: standard | turn off chat | turn off buzz | older version | basic HTML

Hey Presto, Buzz Off!

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