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@Mikey on 07/06/2010 21:49

Now, as a non mac owner and owning nothing made by apple, this may seem like a weird blog post, but I was in the vbirc #chat channel and we have an apple bot which spits out the liveblog and so I was privy to some of the new things which Apple are doing, which I wouldn't usually actively seek out, and I thought I would post my opinions on them, as a prospective first time apple buyer.


iAds don't seem to be a very good or welcomed thing in the Apple community. Personally, if I had an iPod, and I installed an Application, such as Facebook, (example) and Apple served me ads, every 5 page refreshes, it'd get pretty annoying. Then of course, Facebook has inline ads also. It gets real messy real quick. Opinion: Dislike

Microsofts Bing comes to iPhone

Well, this is something I didn't think I would see, Microsoft and Apple working together. Google will, of course, remain the favorite and the default SE for Apple devices, but it's been said that Microsoft have been working hard to move Bing over to HTML5 so that it's 'Apple Approved' for the iPhone, so good on them I say. Opinion: Like


If I'm honest, this may flop, but it's a nice idea, Usually you shoot a video and edit it on your iMac or Mac Pro (I dont have either, so I'd have to buy one) so the idea of being able to edit it right there on your iPhone is a nice one. It's also a nice price at only $4.99. Opinion: Could work


I do like this one, you download a Book, as a PDF, and it goes on your iBookshelf which is accessible via iPad, iPod and iPhone. This is the feature I like the best, the ability to data sync ability, maybe they could apply it to iPhone (maybe it's already possible), so when you buy a new iPhone you can just sync your phone numbers across. It has many possibilities :) Opinion: Like.


Sounds like Apple are bringing alot more features to the table and alot of these are innovative as we have come to expect from Apple. :D

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