Admin Extra Discussions - Just a little plug

@Mikey on 16/01/2010 03:39

Recently stumbled upon this forum, and thought I'd give it a little plug, I do like it..

Shelley from wrote this:

Hello folks,

I'd just like to draw your attention to a new webmaster community we just opened up. Less than a week ago it was just thoughts in our heads, which led to a discussion on msn and 3 days later we where up and running with a brand new style, and some exciting new faces and informative content to match.

If you have the time, feel free to pay us a visit and join in the fun everyone is welcome. I'm planning on posting some exclusive works soon that you'll only find at adminextra and a little more which I will reveal soon. :)

Hope to see you there and here's the link before I forget to add it.Admin Extra Discussions

Check it out, and if you do join, my username on there is "Mikey", drop me a visitor message, or list me as your referrer :)

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