Scientists wants to reclassify cannabis… again!

posted by @Mikey on 02/11/2009 23:16

Cannabis - Class B, Class C, Declassification, Reclassification, make up your damn minds!! UK scientists, from what I can gather f...

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posted by @Mikey on 01/11/2009 19:15

Dropbox is a file hosting service, which is 100% free, and easier than most file hosts, as it's installed on your computer itself, so it'...

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ClassicPro and Winamp

posted by @Mikey on 01/11/2009 18:32

ClassicPro is a plugin for winamp.. it's quite good.. if offers lots of features...

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Hello Wor.. ah screw it.

posted by @Mikey on 01/11/2009 17:50

I'm Mikey, and I dunno how many people are gonna read this blog, but what the he...

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